On loan from Panasonic, the Officer Jack Foundation had a great camera set up for their next Public Service Announcement.


Directing a Public Service Announcement for The Officer Jack Foundation. On location at the Atlantic Beach Skatepark, the kids portrayed themselves in an anti drug message. See the PSA below.



On location for another Public Service Announcement, Kaufmann is handed over the Director reins from legendary Producer/Director Michael Minock.  See the PSA below.


Writing on the fly to make script changes, Kaufmann wrote, produced and directed the half hour pilot for a FOX Television presentation.


Being interviewed by Channel 4’s Hailey Winslow at his event, The Malibu Wake Experience, staged at a preseason Jacksonville Jaguars game.


Above and below: Xposed was Kaufmann’s 3rd television program assignment as host. On the set of the first episode Kaufmann brought in the legendary Z Flex East Coast Skateboard team that he led to a East Coast Championship victory.

(from left: Mike Cox, Mike Kaufmann, Peggy Turner, Brad Santora and Jimmy Plumer)



Again, writing on the set of a video production for a 30 minute infomercial.