In 2014 John Michalman and Mike Kaufmann began a live streaming web show called Xposed. With such an extensive background in sports and television, it was a no brainer for Kaufmann to team with Michalman, who was a pioneer in streaming content on the web from the earliest days. Now, slated for a March 2021 return to the broadband air waves, Kaufmann and Michalman are together again for the rebirth of Exposed!


Kaufmann on the beach at the WaveMasters Surf Contest wit two of the most famous skateboarders in the world, David Hackett and Steve Olson. Well, on the beach with Hackett, who was face timing with Olson when the pic was snapped!

Getting ready for a cideo shoot with a camera on loan from Panasonic.


Kaufmann in the very first promo for Xposed!


On the set of the original show, this was the first episode which featured a reunion of Rattown and Dogtown skateboarders.


Surfing Eleuthera in the Bahamas at 14 years old, Kaufmann had a great career as an amateur surfer.


Riding a Tom Wegener Longboard in a hurricane swell in 2012.


At Daytona International Speedway in 2011 Mike ran into former World Champion race car legend, Brian Redmon and was seen on Speed TV chatting about the good old days!


Skateboarding Mike Cox's backyard ramp in 1978.



"On the tee, Fore Please!"


Directing a PSA for the Officer Jack Foundation, Kaufmann used young skateboarders for an anti drug message.



Flyboarding in the Intracoastal Waterway in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.